Picture of Curly Sue

The Story of Curly Sue

Update: Curly Sue was beloved by us. Unfortunately due to a lameness problem and many many visits to the vet she passed away September 2010. She will be truly missed. Please read her story below and enjoy her as we did.

Curly Sue was a red dun mare of 1998. She had never been owned by anyone outside of our family.

Many years ago when my brother-in-law Jim owned Rose he bred Rose to a stallion named Flashy Kandi Man and Curly Sue was foaled in 1998. Curly Sue’s registered name is Otoes Flashy Moon. Jim’s daughter gave Curly Sue her barn name when she was born, because she had a little curl in her forelock.

Curly Sue was broke to ride by Jim. When Curly Sue was 3 or 4 Jim sold her to his niece Anna. Anna was in high school and very interested in barrel racing. Curly Sue was Anna’s second horse. Anna owned Curly Sue for a couple of years, rode her and enjoyed her. Then the time came for college and Anna was looking to sell her. They asked if we were interested, and of course we were. We headed to Sour Lake Texas to buy Curly Sue in the summer of 2004. We hauled Retro and Rose with us to Sour Lake (near Beaumont) to stay a couple days, visit family and go for a ride on the beach, then brought all three horses home.

Curly Sue was a wonderful lesson horse and Amor Ranch enjoyed her very much. She is missed daily.

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