Picture of Cadbury

Cadbury’s Story

Long ago when Jodie, my daughter, was about nine she owned a pony named Cera. They were daily partners, riding together after school, and all day on weekends and summer.

We thought it would be fun to breed her Cera. What would be cuter than a pony foal? Jodie tried so hard. She would ride Cera over to the pony stallion to get Cera bred, about a 20 minute ride there. She did this for 3 months in a row with no luck, one week each month when Cera was in heat. No luck! Cera wasn’t going to get pregnant.

Then along comes a horse into our lives named Fancy. We bought Fancy from the same lady we bought Retro from. Jodie now rode Fancy and Cera daily.

A few years passed by and we decided to try to breed Fancy. This time was a bit easier. The owner of the barn had a very handsome stallion that would make the perfect husband for Fancy. We tried to breed Fancy two springs in a row, no luck.

Years later Curly Sue comes into our lives, so one more try. Jodie husband hunted for Curly Sue via Internet looking for a handsome, athletic stallion for the right breeding fee price. She found him in Kaufman. His name is Lena Shine.

We hauled Curly Sue there for her honeymoon, and as they say, third time is a charm. Curly Sue came home pregnant, and along came Cadbury.

That beautiful spring day arrived 11 months later and we had a colt born. Cadbury had some problems after birth. The colt was not nursing. Margi, my great friend and student, came over to try to help me. Margi was so close to getting Cadbury to nurse. All the while we were trying to get a hold of my vet.

Too many hours passed. Jodie had the idea to call a different vet that we had only been to once but really liked. We called and they told us to get the mare and foal there ASAP! This was about 8 hours after foaling. Cadbury was in serious danger.

As soon as we got there they started working on them. They nursed Curly Sue into a container, and then get it into Cadbury right away. In their stall was a big arm like at the car wash that held the IV bottle and it was hooked to Cadbury 24/7. That first night was critical if he would survive or not.

The Curly Sue and Cadbury had to stay at Weems and Stephens Animal Hospital for 4 days. They had a girl working for them that had the touch at getting foals to nurse. We were lucky and she did it. They said some foals are born with some kind of a problem where they can’t lift their heads to nurse. He is one miracle baby colt!  (Colt young male horse: filly young female horse: foal young horse).

Hopefully he will be a lesson horse next year. He needs lots of training to be trustworthy for students.

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