Riders of All Ages

If you're between the ages four to ninety-nine then you are a candidate for lessons at Amor Ranch. We are proud to teach some wonderful children and adults from around the area. This page showcases some of our riders, and shows you how much fun riding can be.

A big smile on Briana.

A Priceless Smile

Sure the word priceless is overused in some favorite commercial, but some smiles are just that...priceless. Briana started riding at four and a half, and just loves our wonderful Chapo. One of the most wonderful things about children, as they learn to ride, is that they develop a level of confidence that isn't normally seen in children who don't ride.

Jenny Western Style Riding

A Matter of Style

Western Riding

At Amor Ranch we teach English and Western riding styles. This a great picture of student Jenny Miller riding Western style. You can see Trinity, our Lab, showing off his photogenic self; any chance he gets to show off. Taking lesson is the best prerequisite before diving into horse ownership.

The western rider will learn basic horsemanship, including how the horse thinks and why! My students also learn, safety, care of the horse, responsibilities of horse ownership, saddling, bridling and accomplishing all 3 gates, walk, jog and lope and more if they stick with it.

Jumping at Amor Ranch

English Riding

If English riding is more your style then at Amor Ranch you have that opportunity too. The English rider will learn the above with English tack. They will learn to be accomplished at the walk, trot and canter and more if they stick with it.  If the student would like to learn to jump we can do that too.

So What's The Difference

Western and English have many attributes in common. At an entry level the only major difference is in English students can learn to jump. At higher levels and with advanced horses the difference is huge. It is like driving a sports car or a truck. It is the same on the streets, but when you get into racing or ranch work the the two vehicles become so different.

AlexHorseshow Preparation Too!

Student's of Amor Ranch have participated in and did well in a local horseshow. There are horseshows locally in our area. When our students are ready, we give them all the information about showing one of our horses or theirs at the wonderful local shows we have here. Only students that want to, will go to the shows, it is not required!

If your goal is to learn horseback riding so you that you can be a responsible horse owner, and take your horse on trail rides that is marvelous too.


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