Three Generations of Horses

Three Generations

Amor Ranch is the proud owner of three generations of lessons horses. Rose on the [right], is the mother of Curly Sue [middle], who is the mother of Cadbury [left]. It is a very unlikely and neat circumstance to be able to teach students to ride on Amor Ranch's family of horses.


My daughter, Jodie, worked so hard to train Cadbury to be a lesson horse for me. When he was two I delivered him  to Jodie in Tulsa, OK on May 1st 2008. He had not been trained to be ridden yet, but when I picked him up on March 8, 2009 he was all trained and ready for beginner students to ride. Jodie worked hard through the hot summer and cold Tulsa winter to train him.

Cadbury's mother, Curly Sue, has never been out of our family. She was foaled on my brother-in-law's property who happened to own her mother, Rose, at the time. 

Our niece, Anna,  bought Curly Sue, but had to sell her when she went to college. We had already bought Rose a few years earlier, and decided to jump at the chance to buy Curly Sue as well. Then.... you guessed it, we decided that Curly Sue needed a chance to be a Mommy, so we picked out a handsome husband for her, and now we have her handsome son, Cadbury. It just amazes me how this has all come to be.

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